A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a non-fungible digitally protected object. In my case, the digital files of my creations.
Non-fungible refers to something that is unique and irreplaceable. Currencies like the Euro, on the other hand, are fungible because they are always worth the same amount, there is more than one of them, and therefore they are replaceable.

Since NFTs are not replaceable, the situation changes. NFTs can be somewhat compared to trading cards. Imagine you have a unique trading card.
Since this card only exists once, you can't trade it in for the exact same card. When you trade it for something, you just get something else in return.

NFTs can be used to show that digital objects are rare.
NFTs are digital assets. In general, it makes the object more valuable if many people want it. It also makes it possible to prove ownership of digital assets.
These factors make NFTs innovative forms of digital art and collectibles and play a major role in the digitization of the art world.
NFT serves as proof of certain ownership or usage rights to the digital object linked to it and is stored in the blockchain used in each case, which is of great importance to me as an artist.

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First NFT Collection


Being a collector myself since kid,
I'm now launching a fixed set of 365 items of this collection called "Bebarbarie".
All drawn by hand on different digital devices, they are all extremely unique.
Of course it's a matter of time to have them all created but everything comes at the right moment. Be patient...

Quality over quantity is the rule.

Theses items are related to my main cartoon character.
I started at 13 years old painting cartoons with spraycan and never could stop.
My characters can't be missed in the graffiti and street art scene culture of Europe.
The Collection "Bebarbarie" also offers to owners to be able to receive a special surprise by postmail.

 My Cartoons used to be ephemeral on the streets,
but now they are minted forever on Opensea !

NEW DROP SOON -     56 /365 ITEMS

Also developing NFT Museum on the Metaverse.

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